1. Products offered by the company CRISTAP should be used in accordance with their intended use, in enclosed spaces with efficient ventilation and adequate protection against the weather conditions, including excessive insolation causing fabric fading or moisture in the rooms

2. Do not use sharp tools when opening the packaging, as it may damage the furniture cover.

3. Irregular folds, creases may appear on the furniture during transport. These folds must be manually corrected and cushions formed for aesthetic purposes.

4. Upholstered furniture such as corners, armchairs, sofas, pouffes covered by this guarantee are of a recreational character, and furniture with a folding function are used for rest, not as a sleeping bed.

5. Elements intended for self-assembly should be assembled in accordance with the enclosed instructions provided with the product. Assembly operations performed independently by the Buyer in a manner inconsistent with the instructions are entirely borne in terms of the cost and risk of the assembler.

6. In the case when the product has wooden or varnished elements, individual elements may differ in their color and structure, which is related to the specificity of the material used. The above applies to grain, slight color deviations caused by the intensification of the impregnation of the material with resin, stain and other coloring agents. The Guarantor accepts the possibility of slight deviations in the dimensions of upholstered elements, including small differences in the stitching arrangement (stitching) that may result from the characteristics of the material used or wear resulting from the normal use of furniture.

7. The guarantor does not allow sitting on the backs and handrails of the furniture. Heavy loads can expose furniture to structural damage or permanent deformation. It is also not advisable to expose the upholstery to strong - point tension, as they may result in tearing of the fabric, stitching and violation of the springs. When moving the furniture, do not hold the cover or its loose parts, as it may cause irreparable damage and deformation.

8. Furniture is strictly forbidden to contact:

• high temperatures
• intensive sunshine
• solvents and other chemically aggressive media
• sharp and rough elements of the remaining equipment in the room in which the product was placed