What is the easy Magic Home cleaning technology?

The fibers of Fargotex fabrics are already covered at the production stage, covered with a special finishing coat, which creates an advanced Magic Home protection barrier.

Thanks to this, all stains quickly and efficiently undergo the cleaning process, without disturbing the unique structure of the material.

The spots disappear without a trace - how is this possible?

You can feel at ease with Magic Home technology. Relax with a cup of coffee, carefree fun with your child or wine with friends - you can forget about fears and enjoy the moment. And if you accidentally make a stain, it can easily be removed with water, a paper towel or a school eraser. The stain will disappear as if enchanted, and the surface will regain its magnificent appearance. As if nothing has happened.

With the Toptextil brand you can choose from thousands of fabrics from several hundred collections. In our offer you will find upholstery fabrics, exclusive upholstery fabrics, mattress fabrics and outdoor fabrics. Thanks to the innovative and patented for Toptextil Cleanaboo and Cleanaboo + technology, keeping your furniture clean will be easier and more enjoyable than ever. However, before fabrics reach your homes, they are subjected to a series of tests to guarantee the highest quality and safety of use.

When designing fabrics, knitwear, chenille, velvet and eco-leather, we derive from nature, art, culture and all places imaginable. Toptextil - it's quality in every fiber.

More about Toptextil: www.toptextil.pl
More about Cleanaboo: www.cleanaboo.pl